Getting Started


We recommend that you get us to manage the migration of your data over to the new system. You want your business to carry on seamlessly and you are most likely too busy to do this work yourself. It normally takes us about a week to complete for an agency with 200 properties on management.

Ready to give it a go ?

Contact us for a visit to cover any questions you may have and to give you a hands-on demonstration of Crizo Connects full capabilities.  If you choose to proceed we will upload your logo for the headers and choose a style and colour that matches your brand.  If you use a Rightmove and Zoopla feed then we can set this up to work for you with the Crizo Connect app.  Your email address for forwarding, SMS text messaging is also set up to a nominated phone number of your choosing.  We provide you with a code to insert the property search, registration and log in to your own web site.

Enjoy your valuations with photo and details uploaded in real time in front of the client in a few minutes. Show your client, if you like to, your list of matched prospectives.  If you are given immediate instruction  you may send an email/SMS text message with full details to each one on that list.  Get immediate response and beat any competition hands down.

Book appointments in on your diary and notify all concerned by email and text message.