Why Choose Us?

You have the advantage over the competition and will impress your clients with your speed to market. By instantly uploading new property, updating all portals, texting and emailing your database of prospects instantly.

Demonstrate to the client your efficiency and smarter approach to doing business. Crizo Connect APP allows you, for example, to show your client a list of prospectives already short-listed to view the property before you leave the client.  This results in more instructions for you.

Increase your % conversion rate in both instructions and deals with the catch everyone, everyplace, everytime processes that make Crizo Connect so effective

Improve customer service by eliminating errors. To accomplish each task in the course of a short phone call means that the task is completed without a distraction – not put on a to-do list and maybe forgotten or left only half-done.

Reduce admin staff costs putting negotiators in control of whole deal process.  With the full CRM, operation runs on 50% of normal staffing levels with huge associated savings. With admin reduced, more time is available for face -to – face deal-making activities. Reducing admin  releases your staff to focus on sales and lettings.

Reduce operating costs for example by bringing back in-house your referencing, now without the administrative headache and so eliminate associated costs of reference checks. You can still use a referencing agency if you prefer to do so.

Ease of transition. The Crizo Connect APP is a stand alone product and allows you to grow into the full desktop version as and when you are ready to switch over from your existing CRM. So you may adopt Crizo in stages.  This makes the conversion easier from your current product to Crizo Connect. We think that you will want the full package sooner rather than later, but we want you to be able to decide how fast you want to proceed.

Requires no technical expertise.  Cloud technology means that technical staff come with the hosted package, ensuring that all data is properly backed up, new updates require no actions on your part.  No more software or hardware problems, you only need WIFI. Leaves you free to concentrate on growing the business.

Integrates with your brand, with a variety of templates to match and your logo on the headers, your clients will see this as a bespoke product belonging to your company.