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We help agents to keep up with the rapidly evolving field of social media and networking. Offering the full package; our personalised database system, and the maintenance & growth of your company’s online presence, we believe in providing agents with the tools they need to find success.

Why is it important for Agents to use Social Media?

Assuming your goal is to generate leads and connect with current and potential clients, social media can help to achieve this with the right use of content and communication. You can drive traffic to your website, allow for better engagement with your audience while improving brand awareness and identity.

And we’re aware how much work goes into running a business in the property industry without adding more work to the mix… which is why we do it for you.

With our social media package, you are guaranteed:

  • A developed social media strategy
  • Social media management (Monitoring, Updating, Response etc.)
  • Social Growth
  • Increased social reach
  • Presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin & Instagram

We will also offer you a free SEO advice consultation, to give you honest advice about your current website and how to optimise content and improve search engine rankings.

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