7 Ways CRM Solutions Will Make You A Better Leader

7 Ways CRM Makes Better Leader

Anyone can be a manager, but not everyone knows how to be a leader, let alone a great one… and it’s not always easy. 73% of cases of removed CEOs came down to bad leadership, and 37% of workers have left jobs due to bad leadership1. That means being a good boss is no small thing and if you don’t know how to turn yourself into a prime example of a valued superior, CRM systems might just be your salvation. Here are 7 ways they could help you embrace great leadership qualities:

  1. Firstly, CRMs provide a platform for your workers to have more of a voice. They allow for an open discussion with you and can share ideas with you in a clear and concise way. A good leader has to be an excellent communicator but also give others the chance to communicate as well.

  2. Delegation is one of the qualities that isn’t easy for many team leaders but is invaluable to your members. Nobody likes a boss who doesn’t know when to give them space, but it’s hard for people to give up the reigns to someone else in fear that they won’t be able to do things ‘to the same standard’. You must remember that they were hired for a reason. Using a customer relationship solution means that you can give your team members tasks and they can carry them out remotely. This way, no one feels like they are being babysat and you are showing your trust.

  3. To be great, you also have to be able to get the team to function in a purposeful manner. The CRM solution (no matter which one you choose) should reduce the time spent on menial tasks and the labour intensive side of business, creating a hard-working and efficient, well-oiled machine.

  4. Cloud-based CRMs mean that you can leave workers to their own devices while still checking on them and the work they are doing. Many also have the ability to benchmark the success of each worker. Self-evaluation is important for a good leader because it makes you self-aware and you’re more likely to have an easier time finding issues that need to be improved or progress that should be recognised and encouraged.

  5. You should aim to be honest with your team. Using system that keeps workers updated and in the know about changes and general important information will allow for transparency. They can also see what is on your daily agenda and schedule appointments for you.

  6. Leaders also need to be organised, and be able to manage themselves and their time. No doubt there is an endless number of CRMs with diary, calendar, push notification and scheduling features that aim to help people with this exact issue so it’s easily reparable, but always good to mention because it is the be-all and end-all of many working relationships.

  7. Being prepared to fulfil a Duty of Care to clients and customers will convey that you treasure your role and encouraging feedback from your clients helps you figure out how to improve Customer Experience. The system that you use should make it easy for customers to contact you (not just for information and queries but also to leave feedback) and seeing positive feedback will motivate your team because they are receiving recognition.

Crizo Connect is Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management Made Easy. The CRM app for Estate Agents dealing with everything from Software to Social Media. Proven to eliminate admin staffing costs putting negotiators in control of whole deal process. Operation runs on 50% of normal staffing levels with huge associated savings. Reduces admin and releases your staff to focus on deal making. Feel free to contact us about our products and services or for any other queries you might have.
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How To Know if Social Media is Right For Your Business


If you’re reading this, then you’re probably having doubts about the practicality of Social Media for your Sales or Lettings Agency. The most common reasons for this are people thinking “It’s too time consuming,” or “Nothing’s ever guaranteed”… but if you’ve had these thoughts a time or twenty, here are some statistics you need to consider:

When you are lacking a strong online presence, then you’re likely being leapfrogged by competitors who have taken the initiative and made themselves accessible online.

But if that’s not enough to help you decide, use the trusty SWOT business analysis method to figure out if it’s necessary for you.

S - Strengths:

What strengths does social media have? Think about the fact that it’s free, it allows you to amplify your brand message. The reach is virtually limitless.

W – Weaknesses:

What doubts do you have about it? Is it the risk of low-level return? Time investment? You may be thinking that you have no clue what kind of content you would post.

O – Opportunities:

What could social media potentially do for you and your business? It could help you to build your brand, encourage communication between you and your audience, and consequently find out more about who you are targeting and how to increase engagement with them.

T – Threats:

Does it pose any threats to your business? While you can engage with your audience, that opens up the possibility of negative reviews and responses, as well as positive ones. It could also mean that your competitors can see what you’re up to.

After making sure that you have been as specific as possible with the factors, sort them into order of importance so that you can focus on the vital points. Social Media might not seem to have very much significance to the success of a business, but when done right it can be integral. Carefully take into account all sides – Different departments and levels of the company, effects on product/service ratings, website views and conversion rates etc.

This method allows you to assess your options on a wider scale and determine whether or not you are in a position to take advantage of the opportunities that have arisen. (Hint: More often than not in regards to social media, you are).

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Crizo Connect

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Why Choose Crizo Connect?

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